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Break free from the grind of answering your phone, following up on emails, chasing down leads and scheduling jobs in your CRM. Let a professional call answering and job scheduling team do it for you.

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Great service and unbeatable price. They answer my calls, schedule my jobs and respond to customer email inquiries which allows me to focus on providing excellent service to my customers when I’m at their home instead of being distracted by phone calls and emails. If you are looking for a company to partner with to lighten your load, I highly recommend Jyngle!
Marc Johnson
Owner - HomePro Carpet and Upholstery

Pick a Plan to Fit Your Business

All of our plans have a monthly flat rate of $99.95 plus cost per booking fee – only pay for what you use!  If you move up or down to the next plan in a month – pay that rate for all bookings. After signing up an onboarding call will be scheduled to learn about your business and products/services.  During the call, we’ll walk through how we handle your calls and scheduling and determine how you want messages delivered to you.  Pick the plan that fits your business below!


Up to 25 Bookings per Month

$ 16 99 Per Booking
  • Ideal for mobile professionals and sole traders
  • If you had 22 bookings in a month, the total bill for the month would be 22 x $16.99 = $373.78 + $99.95 monthly flat rate fee = $473.73

JynglePlus 50

Up to 50 Bookings per Month

$ 14 99 Per Booking
  • Perfect for small to medium size businesses

JynglePlus 100

Up to 100 Bookings per Month

$ 12 99 Per Booking
  • Suitable for medium size businesses

JynglePlus 250

Up to 250 Bookings per Month

$ 10 99 Per Booking
  • Best value for companies with high call volumes

Complete Live Call Answering & Scheduling Service

Get a full time call answering and job scheduling team for your carpet cleaning company.  The best part is, you only pay per job scheduled.  No more paying per minute or paying a company to answer your calls, with no results.  At Jyngle, we will answer your calls, follow-up on form fills and emails and schedule jobs directly into your CRM so you can focus on delivering great results for your customer.

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