How it works

Book more jobs. Create happier customers.

From Lead to Repeat Customer

Never miss another call or worry about the stress of scheduling clients, sending reminders, and following up after the job is complete.  With Jyngle, you’ll get a complete, end-to-end professional service; and the best part is, you only pay when we schedule a job.

Our agents are trained to answer phones and nurture the lead, answer questions, and schedule the job.  We create happier “lifetime” customers.

See our end-end-to-end process below.

New or Existing Contact

A new lead or current customers calls, emails, or submits a form on your website. We’ll answer calls and also call the leads that come in via email or web forms.

Schedule the Job

Our professional agents will schedule the job on your calendar or in your CRM.  Need calls screened and transferred?  We can do that too.

Day of Service Reminder

The day of the job (or day before) we’ll call or send your customer a friendly email reminder letting them know the time of their service and other important information.


You’ll receive monthy reports showing all calls, jobs booked and other important metrics to help you understand the success of our efforts.

Free yourself from the phone and begin your journey today.

If you’re looking to take your call answering and job scheduling to the next level – a call with our team is a great place to start.


Average hours per month dedicated to answering calls, emails, texts and chats 


Average cost per hour per month for a multi-agent live call answering service


Average number of inbound leads per customer per month. Includes phone, email, text and chat

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