Call answering for the excavation industry.

Excavation virtual receptionists for call answering and job scheduling

Live virtual receptionists to help your excavation business grow

Hey business builder!  We get it. You’re probably tired of feeling overwhelmed in your business.  Struggling to find the time to do “all the things”.  Constantly missing calls and/or not booking enough jobs to grow your business.

Take a break from the rat race and let a team of qualified agents answer all of your calls, follow up with all of your leads and book all of your estimates and jobs.

Never miss another call again. Watch your business explode as our team answers every call, responds to every email and turns your prospects into buyers with scheduled appointments on your calendar.

Jyngle virtual receptionist services for the home service industry will increase your revenue and grow your business!

"If you are looking for a company to partner with to lighten your load, I highly recommend Jyngle!"

“They answer my calls, schedule my jobs and respond to customer email inquiries which allows me to focus on providing excellent service to my customers when I’m at their home instead of being distracted by phone calls and emails.”

Marc Johnson


We’re not the typical excavation virtual receptionist company.

In fact, we don’t consider ourselves to be a virtual receptionist company. We’re a performance-focused team that manages your inbound customer service from end to end to help your business grow.

Only pay when we land a booking.

With our pay-for-performance pricing model, we succeed when we drive results for you. That means you won’t waste any more money on lengthy calls that don’t convert—our team goes above and beyond to create real value and help you thrive.  

Whether it’s a prospect looking for a service, an existing customer ready to schedule, or something else in between, Jyngle has you covered. We answer inquiries of every kind via phone, email, text, website chat and more. Our team gives you total coverage of all communication channels.

Excavation call answering

Focus on what you do best, and leave the phone answering to the pros.

Jyngle is the premier call answering service for the excavation industry. Our team of talented receptionists is accessible around the clock so your customers get reliable service no matter what’s on your plate for the day. In addition to calls, we also return emails, form fills, live chat requests, and more. With Jyngle, you can run your business more efficiently with the assurance that your customer communications will be answered promptly and professionally.

Businesses lose over $75 billion a year to bad customer service.

Don’t add to this statistic. Jyngle provides complete phone answering coverage so you don’t have to lose any more valuable business to voicemail. We proudly serve home service businesses in the excavation industry.

Estimate and job scheduling for excavation

Jyngle helps you get more estimates and jobs on your calendar.

Jyngle seamlessly handles every aspect of estimate and job scheduling so you don’t have to. Using advanced technology and route mapping, we find the best time to schedule each appointment based on what you already have on your calendar for the day. By optimizing the efficiency of your routes, we save you valuable time and money while helping you book more jobs.

Jyngle phone operators are trained to convert.

The ultimate goal of each customer interaction is to convert it to a booked job. At Jyngle, we know a thing or two about how to make that happen. Our combination of customer service skills and knowledge about the home service businesses we serve maximizes our chances of sealing the deal on every call.

What's included?

Setup & Customization

  • Phone & email queue setup
  • Custom phone greeting
  • Custom VM & after-hours messages
  • Custom call answering script
  • CRM integration
  • Website chat widget
  • Angi integration to send leads into our system
  • Website form integration to send website leads into our system

Inbound & outbound

  • Live phone answering
  • Web form/email acceptance and follow-up
  • Live website chat widget to interact with online prospects
  • Outbound calls and emails to follow-up on leads or to turn estimates into jobs
  • Appointment reminders (calls) for the next day’s scheduled estimates or jobs
  • Gather images and information to present to you via email for quicker estimates turnaround

Service availability (as of 11/2021)

  • An average of 240 hours per month dedicated to answering your calls, emails and chats
  • Professional, US-based (Jyngle employed) team of agents ready to answer calls for up to 12 hours per day
  • Mon-Fri service with prompt follow-up on Monday morning from incoming leads that arrive over the weekend
  • Assigned “customer success” representative to communicate with via phone & email

Booking & route optimization

  • Book estimate and jobs directly into your CRM with the appropriate information and details
  • Book estimates and jobs around the area the tech will be in on a specific day (we do our best to optimize routes)

Monthly reporting

  • Monthly, itemized report of activity including: calls answered, estimates/jobs booked and more.

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Listen to our calls

In-house estimate scheduled

Listen to Marcy walk and nurture a prospect through the process and schedule an in-house estimate.

Job scheduled

Listen to Janice callback a customer, get job details & information and book it directly into the CRM.

Confirmation call

Listen to Marcy reach out to a customer to perform a complimentary day-before appointment confirmation.

Solicitation call

Listen to Cesar act as the gatekeeper for the business and not allow solicited calls to go through.

Job rescheduled

Listen to Cesar call a scheduled customer and kindly inform and guide her into choosing a new time to reschedule.

Confirmation call

Listen to Marcy reach out to a customer to perform a complimentary day-before appointment confirmation.

Job scheduled

Listen to Janice assist a prospect and schedule an appointment that works within the needed timeframe.

Confirmation call

Listen to Cesar reach out to a customer to perform a complimentary day-before appointment confirmation.

Frequently asked questions

Call answering is a service through which a trusted third-party company acts as a receptionist for your business. The answering service can screen your calls and provide excellent service to your customers around the clock.

The cost of hiring a phone answering service looks a bit different for every business. A major factor to consider is the volume of calls your business receives. Since most answering services and virtual receptionists work on a per-minute or per-call basis, businesses that get a lot of traffic should expect to pay more for call answering than their smaller counterparts. Depending on which service you hire, additional features such as CRM integration and enhanced reporting can also be included and impact the overall cost. With Jyngle, we charge purely on a results basis. That means you only pay when we book actual jobs and appointments on your calendar. Take a look at our unique, value-driven pricing model here.

A call answering service is like a designated receptionist for your business—without the full-time employee price tag. Different call answering companies have slightly different offerings (some of which can be customized to your business needs), but they typically include answering your phone, scheduling appointments, and returning missed calls. A call answering service makes sure all your bases are covered when customers reach out to your business.

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. When you call a business, would you rather be greeted and helped by a real, live person, or sent to a generic automated voicemail box where you’re prompted to leave a message and wait around for a call back? It’s safe to say almost everyone would choose the former. The fact of the matter is, voicemail is just not a warmly received way to connect with your customers. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so you need to make it good. Investing in call answering is a great way to do that with trained receptionists that are always available so no one goes to voicemail!

The first call is often the first interaction a customer will have with your business, and it’s vital to make a good impression. With a call answering service, not only do you get reliable call answering throughout the day (so you can focus on running your business), you also get friendly professionals answering your phone who are specially trained to win customers and book jobs, which means more business for you.

When looking for a phone answering service, there are several things to consider. Firstly, it is important to choose a service that understands and can speak confidently about your industry. Secondly, you want a company with a friendly and well-trained staff that knows how to convert customers so you can book more jobs. Other things to look at include the reputation of the company, how flexible their service options are, and how they keep information secure. Depending on your needs and budget, you might also want to consider how much they charge, whether they offer after-hours call answering, etc.

Answering services use specialized software to capture calls sent to your business phone number and redirect them to their on-staff receptionists. By doing this, the answering service can pick up your calls, return your voicemails, and send you detailed reports complete with call recordings so you can stay in the loop.

Most phone answering services charge on a pay-per-minute basis. You pay for how long the answering service is on the phone with your customers. At Jyngle, we do things a bit differently. We’re a results-driven company that aims to produce real value for our clients, so we charge a flat fee only when we book you a job. Get actual appointments on your calendar, not just minutes on the phone.

Free yourself from the phone and begin your journey today.

If you’re looking to take your call answering and job scheduling to the next level – a call with our team is a great place to start.


Average hours per month dedicated to answering calls, emails, texts and chats 


Average cost per hour per month for a multi-agent live call answering service


Average number of inbound leads per customer per month. Includes phone, email, text and chat

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